I cut my payroll costs in half and I love the personal service I receive.
                                                  - Sheila T.

As a small business, landscaping, I don't have time to worry about paying
taxes and filling in forms.  The Back Office does this all including direct
deposit - and they don't nickel and dime me.
                                                 - Richard G.

The Back Office helped us get our 401k set-up and our medical benefits at a
competitive price through their business partners.  On top of that, they set
up my GL download to QuickBooks - at no extra charge!  I wish I'd left that
big service sooner!
                                                - George R.

The Back Office has been saving me money on payroll for quite awhile now, but
our medical came up for renewal with a 14% increase.  I called Lori and she put
me with one of her business partners..not only didn't I pay the 14% increase but
I'm saving over 20% from last year!

                                                 - Inez T.

The Back Office
a tiny little division of S. C. Greaves & Co


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